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Audio Power Amplifier

LM4856 Integrated Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram Datasheet and Application

The LM4856 is an audio power amplifier system capable of delivering 1.1W (typ) of continuous average power into a mono 8? bridged-tied load (BTL) with 1% THD+N and 60mW (typ) per channel of continuous average power into stereo 32? single-ended (SE) loads with 0.5% THD+N, using a 5V power supply. This device is applicable in […]

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LM1877 – Dual Audio Power Amplifier Schematics Datasheet and Application

The LM1877 is a monolithic dual audio power amplifier designed to deliver 2W/channel continuous into 8 Ohm loads. It was typically applicable in servo amplifiers, automotive products, tape recorders and players, AM-FM radio receivers, intercom system, multi-channel audio systems, and stereo phonographs. The following article contains detail description of LM1877, its features, connection diagrams, equivalent […]

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LM384 5W Audio Power Amplifier Schematics Specs Features and Application

The LM384 is a power audio amplifier for consumer applications which is applicable for intercoms, line drivers, TV sound systems, sound projector  systems, AM-FM radio, simple phonograph amplifiers, teaching machine outputs, alarms, ultrasonic drivers, etc. The LM384 5W Audio Power Amplifier features Low quiescent power drain; Wide supply voltage range: 12V to 26V; Input referenced […]

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Stereo Audio Power Amplifier 11W using LM4752

Featuring drives 4? and 8? loads, single supply operation, compact 7-lead TO-220 package, wide supply range 9V – 40V, internal thermal protection, internal gain  resistors (AV = 34 dB), the LM4752 is a stereo audio amplifier capable of delivering 11W per channel of continuous average output power to a 4? load, or 7W per channel […]


Small High Quality Audio Power Amplifier

This audio power amplifier is very good for your portable devices, or for your headphones amplifier. The circuit of this audio power amplifier is very simple, consist of only seven components. Here is the schematic diagram of the amplifier circuit: Low harmonic distortion give you a hi-fi power amplifier, but in a very small wattage. […]

TDA8932B/33(B) Class D Audio Amplifier in Single Supply Single Ended Configuration

The following circuit diagram is a simplified application circuit of the TDA8932B/33(B) device when operated from an asymmetrical supply (single supply). Here’s the circuit diagram: To simplify the design for an asymmetrical supply in SE configuration, the TDA8932B/33(B) is equipped with three integrated half supply voltages buffers. The first buffer is for the reference decoupling […]

TDA8932B/33(B) Class D Audio Amplifier in Symmetric Supply Single Ended Configuration

We can also operate TDA8932B/33(B) from a symmetrical supply. On this diagram, three half supply voltage buffers are disabled. When supplied from a symmetrical supply, HVPREF (Pin 11), HVP1 (pin 30) and HVP2 (Pin 19) should be connected to ground. Here’s the circuit diagram: Compared to an asymmetrical supply, a symmetrical supply has some benefits. […]

Electronic Ear

Circuit below is a very sensitive 3-transistor amplifier using a speaker transformer. This can be wound on a short length of ferrite rod as show above or 150 turns on a 10mH choke. The biasing of the middle transistor is set for 3 V supply. During idle conditions and the quiescent current is just 5mA, […]


Small Amplifier Using Transistors

The output of this circuit is push-pull and consumes less than 3mA (with no signal) but drives the earpiece to a very loud level when audio is detected. Because the whole circuit is Dc coupled, its extremely difficult to set up. Basically you don’t know where to start with the biasing. 8k2 between the emitter […]

Small Discrete Audio Power Amplifier

This is a little audio amplifier, it is similar to the audio amplifier which is used in small transistor radio. This circuit draws about 30 milliamps from a 9 volt supply. This circuit consist of two stage. First stage is input stage (2N3053 transistor)  and the other is output stage (2N3053 and  2N2905 transistor pair). […]

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