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ATX power supply

Automatic power switch for ATX power supplies

If you have a computer, for example, wants to operate for a long time like a server,  when using a standard ATX power supply the  problem exist  after a power failure that the computer is’nt automaticaly turn on. A few motherboards can do those  function, just to set using the BIOS Setup, and the other […]


ATX Power supply form factor

ATX stands for “Advanced Technology Extended“. This is the standardization of the latest computer packages. All computer components, which are also standardized to ATX can be installed in this housing. ATX power supplies support the latest additional features that bring any modern computer with it. The different types of PC power supplies differ mainly due […]

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ATX Main Power Supply Pin Connector Schematic

Typically, ATX Main Power Connector consists of 24 pin housing (mating motherboard connector). Schematic below appears the ATX Main Power Supply Pin Connector with the pinout function and wires description. Pin          Signal                 Color           Pin      Signal               Color 1             pos 3.3 VDC       Orange        13       pos 3.3 V        Orange/Brown 2             pos 3.3 VDC       Orange        14       neg 12 VDC   […]

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ATX Power Supply Connectors Pinouts Schematic Diagram

The schematic herein shows the connector pinouts of the ATX power connector and the ATX 12V connector. The ATX Power Supply Connectors schematic diagram above configures Main Power Connector (A), Aux Power Connector (B), Peripheral Power Connector (C), Floppy Drive Power Connector (D), and +12V Power Connector (E).

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300W ATX Power Supply Schematic Diagrams

The following picture shows the 300W ATX power supply schematic diagrams. Click the schematic diagram to enlarge. In the circuit schematic, it includes EMI filter, inrush current limiter, input select (short for 115VAC), power transformer, input voltage sense, base drive signal transformer, magamp chokes, coupled output inductor, combined feedback for 5V and 12V outputs, magamp […]

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