Schematic Diagrams

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Autoranging Circuit

To extend the measurement range of an available ADC(analog to digital conveter) we can use this autoranging. If it implemented on multiplexed input, this circuit will give best result. To adjust an ADC’s full-scale range we use a system autoranging that use LTC1257  because it is appropriate for system autoranging. During the conversion process, U2 […]

The ADS5221 Analog and Digital Power Supply Datasheet and Schematic

The ADS5221 is one of CMOS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) which uses single +3.3V power supply operation. The ADS5221 has three power supply pins, there are AVdd, DVdd, and VDRV. The AVdd analog can supply +3.3V, the same value for digital DVdd can supply. Then a digital output VDRV can be +2.5V up to +3.3V. The […]

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