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7812 regulator

Dual Voltage Power Supply Circuit Diagram by Tony Van Roon

The following circuit diagram is the dual volt power supply to power the op amps which is made by respective owner of Tony Van Roon. It uses the 7812 and 7912 voltage regulator IC. And herein are the value of this Dual Voltage Power Supply Circuit Diagram : 1. Transformer—————–18CT, 1A 2. Capasitors——————-35V 3. Bridge […]


12V Portable and Mobile Power Supply Circuit Diagram

A suitable 12V portable and mobile power supply circuit design is shown in the circuit diagram below. This type of power supply can be built quite inexpensively and needs only a minimum of circuitry. This circuit will give output current of 1 amp, well stabilized and smoothed. The smoothing and regulation is provided by IC1 […]

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3-Rail (+12V) / (+5V) / (-5V) Regulated Power Supply

This circuit generates 3 source regulated voltages applying a minimum of electronic parts. The output DC voltage are +12V ; +5V and -5V. Diodes D2 and D3 conduct full-wave rectification, at the same time charging capacitor C2 on each halves of the alternating current cycle. At the same time, diode D1 with capacitor C1, and […]

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