RF Lighting System Platform

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RF Lighting System Platform

RF Lighting System Platform

Zilog, the legendary MCU company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), introduced their “ZAURA” technology. ZAURA is a wireless MCU-based platform for wireless connectivity and control for lighting systems in offices, schools, factories and other facilities. Lighting is a major energy consumer worldwide, and it has been an economical and environmental goal to reduce and eliminate wasted energy. The ZAURA technology dims the lighting based on ambient light, and turns off the lights when the space is not occupied.

IXYS and Zilog, being major players in the power management and energy efficiency marketplace, collaborated in developing ZAURA, specifically for lighting. The first step in this initiative has been to provide an occupancy-based lighting control for the large installed base of fluorescent lights (“FL”) in the market worldwide. Zilog integrated motion-based occupancy sensors to control FL via the “Starter” canister which is common in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“By creating ‘smart starters’ with Zilog’s MCU and IXYS’ power MOSFET, the starter extinguishes the FL, turning it off when it senses an empty space. It has been quite a challenge to master this unique technology of software, hardware and high voltage circuitry. We did it for FL systems thereby giving the ability to turn off light above certain areas, like cubicles, when no person is there. The ZAURA platform can be readily used for all lighting technology, including LED-based lights,” commented Mike Speckman, Zilog’s Vice President of Sales. “It is also readily configured for HVAC applications, where heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a given space are controlled based on occupancy.”

Zilog designed its new ZAURA RF Lighting System which operates in the 868 MHz ISM bands for European frequencies. The ZAURA intelligent lighting system connects the existing FL fixtures wirelessly with sensors then detects occupancy along with levels of available daylight. The result is that lighting will only be activated when necessary. This results in immediate energy saving efficiency along with incredibility easy installation for existing FL systems.

This Lighting System was developed for buildings such as schools and high-occupancy areas for an intelligent energy-saving lighting system. The system consists of a main sensing unit and operates wirelessly, communicating with each individual lighting fixture. ZAURA also detects the level of natural daylight in a room and when there is sufficient daylight detected; the system can either dim the lighting as needed, or turn off certain light fixtures automatically when the specified light levels are detected. Zilog is currently working with customers in Europe in installing this new lighting system into multiple local schools where they expect to see reduced energy consumption in their lights.

“The new ZAURA Lighting System is well suited for existing FL installations enabling improved energy efficiency without doing expensive retrofit into the building. This new system can achieve immediate improvement to energy efficiencies with a low initial investment while also provide a fast ROI. We are currently working with customers in Europe, installing this new lighting system into multiple local schools and factories to reduce energy consumption for lights,” said Steve Darrough, Zilog’s Vice President of Marketing.

For more information, visit http://www.zilog.com.