Reset Sequencer

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It is often necessary in
complex designs to provide a sequence of reset pulses to different
parts of a circuit to ensure the whole design functions reliably. The
DS1830 from Maxim (
provides three sequenced open-drain reset outputs. This chip is
designed for 5 V systems but a 3.3 V version (DS1830A) is also
available. Both are offered in a range of package outlines including DIP, SO and µSOP. Two inputs give the chip some degree of programmability of its characteristics: The TOL input defines the chips tolerance to power supply fluctuations before a reset sequence is triggered.

Circuit diagram:

Reset Sequencer Circuit

Reset Sequencer Circuit Diagram

Jumper JP1 allows the TOL to be connected
to Ub (Vcc), ground or left open circuit and will result in the
following three reset thresholds: The TD input allows the length of the
reset signal to be programmed and jumper JP2 gives the following three
possibilities: The PBRST (pushbutton reset)
allows a manual reset button to be connected to the chip. This input has
a built-in 40 k? pull up resistor and can also be driven by a digital
output or used to cascade additional devices to provide more sequenced
reset signals.

Author: Gregor Kleine
Copyright: Elektor Electronics