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7W Audio Amplifier based TBA810

Here’s a circuit of 7 Watt audio amplifier that is very simple and very easy to build. This amplifier is built using TBA810 as the main component with the support of a few passive components. This circuit can work well, kits and components of this circuit can be found easily at an electronics store in […]

7 Watt Audio Amplifier with IC TDA2003

This is an amplifier circuit with gain music output power up to 7W. Use IC TDA2003 as main component, this circuit is small but powerful multi purpose amplifier. Download the detail circuit, schematic diagram and component part of this “7 Watt Audio Amplifier with IC TDA2003” in PDF version HERE

70W High Power Amplifier with MOSFET

Here the schematic diagram of 70W power amplifier with MOSFET for your audio system. There are possible alternative input stage transistors, the Toshiba 2SA970BL and 2SC2240BL, which appear to be good substitutes for the Hitachi 2SA1085E and 2SC2547E. The ‘BL’ suffix is the high gain group. Alternatives for the Sanyo 2SC2911 and 2SA1209 are the […]

6V to 12V DC Voltage Converter

This is the active circuit for voltage doubling from 6 volt to 12 volt DC. The IC is used as switcher device. Schematic diagram: Components and its usage IC Switcher/regulator LM2577T-ADJ (National Semiconductor) R1 and R2 Voltage devider for monitoring output voltage 20Kohms pot. (Bourns) Cin Decoupling 0.1΅F, 63V MKS condensator (WIMA) L Use a […]

6V Gel Cell Battery Charger

The following diagram is the battery charger schematic for 6V Gel Cell battery type. Component Parts List: R1 = 22 ohm, 1W R2 = 270 ohm R3 = 220 ohm *R4 = 715 ohm, 1% *R5 = 3.57K, 1% *R6 = 1.40K, 1% *R7 = 1.47K, 1% C1 = 0.1μF, ceramic C2 = 0.1μF, ceramic […]

6 Transistor Tilden’s H-Bridge

This diagram is certainly the 6 transistor Tilden H-bridge circuit; while not as old as the original “basic H-bridge,” this goes “way back,” and will be the basis for a lot of BEAM driver circuits. Bruce Robinson explaination about this circuit: I did a few revised drawings for Ian quite a while back, so he […]

6A / 0-28V Variable Power Supply

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of variable power supply which will deliver 0 to 28V output voltage at 6/8 A electric current. Component Part List: R1 = 2K2 Ohm 2,5 Watt R2 = 240 Ohm R3,R4 = 0.1 Ohm 10 Watt R7 = 6K8 Ohm R8 = 10K Ohm R9 = 47 Ohm […]

68W Power Amplifier with LM3886

Here the 68W power audio amplifier circuit which built based on single IC LM3886 from National Semiconductor. The LM3886 is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 68W of continuous average power to a 4 load and 38W into 8 with 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz-20kHz. Features: Maximum Output Power : 68W RMS – 108W […]

65W Power Amplifier using HEXFET

This is a high quality 65W power amplifier circuit based HEXFET IRF9540 and IRF540. The circuit is quite simple for amplifier with good sound quality. The component parts is easy to find at electronic store around your place. It uses split power supply. Q8, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13 should be mounted on heatsink for thermic […]

6-12V Variable Regulated Power Supply

This is an adjustable power supply which have adjustabled output voltage from 6-12 DC volt. Component Parts List: T1 = 115[220]/8 VAC transformer. Center Tap not needed. Q1 = 2N1613, NTE128, or substitute. (TO-39 case) On coolrib! BR1 = 40V, 4A. (Check max current of your mini-drill and add 2A) R1 = 470 ohm, 5% […]

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