Schematic Diagrams

Useful schematic and wiring diagrams. ✔ ✔ Enjoy electronic circuits, let your idea comes to hardware

Simple Amplifier with C945,MJE340, and TIP3055

This simple amplifier does sound good quality Power output about 10 – 14 Watts with Supply voltage about 34 – 36 Volt DC. It requires a preamp in the function of it hasn’t got much advance. It requires cumbersome heat up sinks and a great transformer and a enormous power supply and alert wiring, but […]

Low Output Power Amplifier

This Low Output Power circuit was a presented,it can go power output around 1 Watt, whilst connected to a power supply 9 volt. The pro of this Low Output Power Amplifier is with the purpose of it uses a dual dear ton to enhance the size at the same time as much as of input […]

Mono Power Amplifier – A1015, BD140 ,TIP2955

Typically audio amplifier stereo amplifier to a two amplifier. And if a mono amplifier is a single speaker. However this circuit command be present extended to the mono two loudspeaker.But not a equivalence or else serialization access.This makes it needless impedance of the speaker has altered.But will remain to utilize the spokeswoman as a replacement […]

3 Volt Operated Power Amplifier Circuits

This is an audio amplifier with the purpose of can live used with a minor 3 volt Battery Operated,Current get through having the status of not much as 5 milliamps.And amplification up to 500 mW. 3 Volt Operated Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram Which is sufficient to swell the sound from a sound a propos otherwise […]

Blinking LED circuits

This led series will Blinking alternately, The way it works is determined by IC NE555 and transistors are used as reinforcement for each section (20 upper, 20 lower) work optimally. 555 circuit below is a flashing bicycle light powered with four C, D or AA cells (6 volts).  Two sets of 20 LEDs will flash […]

Emergency Lamp using IC 555

Emergency Lamp With 555 is one solution for lighting during power outages. With Emergency Lamp Series 555 uses a 12VDC voltage source that can be supplied from the 12V battery. Emergency Lamp 555 Series With these very simple and easy to make because all the components easily available in the market. Emergency Lamp Series With […]

Light Switch Circuit Diagram

The series of light switches this time slightly different from the voltage of work. The series of light switches can work directly on the AC power network. Light switches are using the main component of TRIAC and LDR. The circuit is very simple and the components were sold in the market. If you want a […]

Emergency Lights Circuit

The series of emergency lights on this one is a series of emergency lighting is quite simple and not difficult to make.  Frankly this circuit is not my own design, but at least this series can add to your collection of electronic circuits. The circuit is actually almost the same as the battery charger circuit, […]

Traffic Lights Circuit

The circuit of traffic lights in my opinion is a series of easy-hard-easy to make.  Where we are required to be able to condition the flame of three lamps by following the existing traffic regulations. If we use computer programming as a regulator of the third condition of the lights probably we will not spend […]

Rangkaian Lampu Led Berjalan

The 555 Astable generates a timer in support of this circuit, an oscillator giving a make even wave output by pin 3 which is counted by 4017 to assign a running light effect. Rangkaian Lampu Led Berjalan : Rangkaian Lampu Led Berjalan The decade counter-barrier CD4017 has 10 outputs, for all low to climax transition next […]

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