Schematic Diagrams

Useful schematic and wiring diagrams. ✔ ✔ Enjoy electronic circuits, let your idea comes to hardware

Simple vu meter schematic

Expensive stereo is general often have VU meter come to and for help show max power the stereo not too much. For radio tape general plaything has will no VU Meter. I then think to seek Multi meter use can replace. By use Range 100uA and electronics equipment the other again. It have be Potentiometer […]

Best digital pocket multimeter

The old digital multimeters of my friend loses, because It aged about 10 years, the LCD screen is dead. He has a good idea to buy a new multimeter that is small size, the normal function fully : to measure the DC voltage,AC voltage, The current DC, AC and measure the resistance and Solid In […]

Flyback transformer tester circuit using 2SC828

The circuit tests a flyback transformer of the televisions that the result is a simple, easy and cheap to build. One of my friends is TV repairman colors – black and white. He said the repairing on the fly back is very difficult. Because it has large size, Is high voltage source. So is very […]

Sine wave oscillator low frequency-constant amplitude

In the Sine wave oscillator circuit often to be use the thermistor and Incandescent lamp, for upset the output of circuit has fixed value, the resistance of the thermistor dependent on temperature and as a result to voltage drop across of it. From the slow response of the thermistor make to properties of temperature against […]

Deluxe Charge Rate Limiter for Small Capacity NiCad Batterie

Here is a deluxe version of the simple charge rate limiter, using the same idea but with the ability to charge two packs simultaneously from a single wall charger. For circuit description and parts list, see the simple charger page. Since wall chargers provide about 55 mA, you should not use this dual circuit to […]

Crystal Radio Circuits

Crystal Radio Circuits Simple Crystal RadioOne-Transistor Amplifier/DetectorTL431 Crystal Radio AmplifierCrystal Radio RF AmplifierVery High Gain Crystal Earphone AmplifierSimple Two-transistor RadioExperiments with Detector Diodes Make sure to see the simple Reflex Receivers! A little more work yields vastly superior results. Simple Crystal Radio The crystal radio gets its name from the galena crystal (lead sulfide) used […]

Regenerative Receivers

Regenerative Receivers Regenerative receivers provide a surprising level of performance with only a handful of components. They excel at receiving amplitude modulated signals from below the AM broadcast band up to the higher short-wave bands above which the superregenerative detector becomes the better choice. Many designs for regenerative receivers are available and most will do […]

Amazing All-Band Receiver

The Amazing All-Band Receiver The Amazing All-Band Receiver is basically a diode detector followed by a high-gain audio amplifier. This is not a multi-band receiver; it picks up everything at once! The detector uses a biased Schottky diode for excellent sensitivity and bandwidth; the detector will detect signals from below the AM broadcast band up […]

Cell Phone Helper

Cell Phone Helper See the improved circuit below for newer phones. When your cellular phone receives a call, it begins transmitting even before you answer. The circuit shown in fig.1 detects this signal and can operate a variety of devices referred to as "load".   For times when a loud beeping is unacceptable, the load […]

Low Freq. Antennas

Antennas  Home-made antennas can greatly improve the performance of AM and FM radios, short-wave receivers, and scanners. If you are a talk-radio fan then experiment with the AM band antennas and you will be able to hear shows from all over the country with surprising clarity. Short-wave receivers are always coping with weak signals and […]

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