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Useful schematic and wiring diagrams. ✔ ✔ Enjoy electronic circuits, let your idea comes to hardware

Increasing Regulator Current by 78XX +MJ2955

Notes: Although the 78xx series of voltage regulators are available with different current outputs, you can boost the available current output with this circuit. A power transistor is used to supply extra current to the load the regulator, maintaining a constant voltage. Currents up to 650mA will flow through the regulator, above this value and […]

Current source with LM317

Current source A current source is an electrical or electronic device that delivers or absorbs electric current. A current source is the dual of a voltage source. Current sources can be theoretical or pratical. I will handle only the practical with the use of a LM317. Current adjustment: Now we know the needed input voltages […]

Battery Backup Supply with IC 7812 and 7805

Here is circuit 9V power supply regulator with battery 12V backup system. Use IC 7812 and 7805 control voltage output by R3 1K output 9V 1A max. This is a 9V power supply which will work even on power failure. It uses a rechargeable battery and regulators. A transformer with 15-0-15 AC volts output is […]

13.8V 10A Regulator by 7812 , 2N3055

The power supply circuit is shown in Figures 1 and 2. A 7812 positive 3-terminal regulator is used for the main 13.8V 10A regulator, and this is followed by as many power emitter followers as needed for the current you require. The transistors are not critical. I used 2N3771 devices (50V, 20A, 200W) simply because […]

Basic UPS Power Supply with 7805

This circuit is a simple form of the commercial UPS, the circuit provides a constant regulated 5 Volt output and an unregulated 12 Volt supply. In the event of electrical supply line failure the battery takes over, with no spikes on the regulated supply. This circuit can be adapted for other regulated and unregulated voltages […]

5V Low Drop Out Regulator Low Volt by BD438

This is circuit 5V Low Drop Out Regulator Low Volt. It use normal electronics part and easy circuit. Input Voltage 6V,Ouput Voltage 5V 0.5A. read detail more in image circuit.

DC Power Supply 1.25V to 25V

This power supply is based on the LM317 Variable Regulator. The input of the regulator needs to be around 28 Volts DC and it will output a DC voltage from 1.25vdc to 25 vdc. To adjust the output voltage simply turn the 5k ohm pot. The regulator will supply 1.5 amps of current. Source : […]

DC Power Supply by LM78XX

I didn’t realize till the other day that I have never shown a circuit for a standard power supply. Shown below is a supply that will use any of the LM78XX series of voltage regulators. IC 7805 , IC 7806 , IC 7809 , IC 7812 The transformer in the circuit will vary depending on […]

Power Supply 9VDC no transformer

This is circuiut power supply 9VDC no transformer,It easy circuit and small size. Volt output = Volt Zenerdiode. Output Current 100mA (min). It easy circuit and small size. Power Supply 9VDC no transformer You may know the reason that make power supply circuit have large-sized as a result , because transformer. Way this out be […]

power supply regulatable 0-28V 20Amp By LM317 and 2N3055

Power supply regulatable 0-28V 20Amp Part list for 20 Ampere regulatable power supply: Part list for 20 Ampere regulatable power supply: 2 x 15 volt 20+- amps D1…D4= Bridge rectifier MB2504 (25 amps cooled) or eight BYW29 8 amp diodes (TO220 pinning cooled) or 8 x MR750 (MR7510) diodes (MR750 = 6 Ampere diode) or […]

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