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Useful schematic and wiring diagrams. ✔ ✔ Enjoy electronic circuits, let your idea comes to hardware

Tiny visual zero beat indicator

This circuit is suitable for an indicator to audio signal lower than 3Vp-p. In the circuit, we use a very small parts with only two of the LED display and built-up resistor for current depression. Light-emitting diodes(LED) connected with reverse polarity provide a visual indication of zero-beat frequency. Each Led is on for only half […]

The stray magnetic fields meter.

Electronic technology is common. Although it has much useful. But it is a kind of environmental pollution. Which is called “Electomog” or we will called Stray Magnetic fields (SMFs). And, Some experts said that “SMFs” has effect to the human body. The SMFs that is referenced in this project will be low frequency is in […]

The LED display voltmeter in probe model

When we had to leave the place, then it is necessary to measure DC voltage. If we carry all the time a multimeter. Feel too large. I think built volt meter probes compact in a pen form. To the time required. How the circuit works In the figure 1 is circuit of The LED display […]

Electronic Thermometer with versatile control.

Technology does not stand still. This electronic thermometer that display by LED 20 level and The peripheral Bells Alarms. When the temperature reaches the preset value. On a daily basis. We have to work a lot. If someone would have noticed and remind us always. To the dangers of heat would be good, no less. […]

Cheap frequency meter by CA3130

The electronics are still used to use a frequency generator circuit beuause It is important. And are used a lot in electronic circuits, both sine, square wave and more. In every time related to the frequency. What that we want to know is how much frequency. For laboratory common standards. We have many tools available […]

The cheap digital voltmeter using CA3162 and CA3161

This digital voltmeter circuit is a saving, easy to use Because it is smaller than a typical circuit, I believe that, after I presented this circuit. You will certainly like it. This circuit can be used as Versatile. Features of the circuit : – 3-digit numeric display with LED 7 segment. – The maximum display […]

The 0-100 microammeter from 0-1 milliammeter

Assume that, you wanted to measure a current for about a few micro-amp. what do you do? In when you have an ammeter scale 1 mA only. If you will bring it for measure directly, it can not read correctly, because the meter needle will be wiggle a little. You take a look this circuit […]

Simple vu meter schematic

Expensive stereo is general often have VU meter come to and for help show max power the stereo not too much. For radio tape general plaything has will no VU Meter. I then think to seek Multi meter use can replace. By use Range 100uA and electronics equipment the other again. It have be Potentiometer […]

Simple three step level indicator

Today we look at the concept of a simple level indicator circuit, which are built to be very small, can be displayed with LED 3 step. When see in the below circuit is very simple. We use a variable resistor(Potentiometer) with 3 unit only, making this the circuit cheap and easy. The Resistor values of […]

Simple Moisture Meter by 2N2222

Yesterday I tours an orchard of a friend. He consults about Moisture Meter Circuit. By this circuit uses for level moistness temple of the earth. Fine the value R2 give Meter read the value has 1mA. When the moistness in the earth is in the level that wants thus Meter will read level moistness lowland […]

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