MCU with Wireless Transmitter

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MCU with Wireless Transmitter

MCU with Wireless Transmitter

Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, announced the PIC12LF1840T48A—the first in a family of single-chip devices that integrate an eXtreme Low Power (XLP), 8-bit PIC® microcontroller with a sub-GHz RF transmitter. The PIC12LF1840T48A’s combination of features in a single, 14-pin TSSOP package makes it ideal for space-, power- and cost-constrained applications, such as remote keyless entry fobs for automobiles, garage doors and home security systems, as well as a broad range of other home and building automation systems. Additionally, the device is optimized to run Microchip’s royalty-free KEELOQ® advanced code-hopping technology, a proven security technology used worldwide by leading manufacturers.

In addition to being optimized for secure wireless communication, the PIC12LF1840T48A is designed to maximize battery life via an extremely low operating voltage of 1.8V. Furthermore, the XLP microcontroller has extremely low sleep current consumption, and is efficiently integrated with the transmitter to enable fast wake-up and send functionality that takes full advantage of the MCU’s 8 MIPS operation.

“Microchip has built on our knowledge and experience in security and authentication to provide a new level of integrated performance and low power consumption,” said Steve Caldwell, director of Microchip’s Wireless Products Division. “By combining our XLP PIC12LF1840 microcontroller with a highly efficient sub-GHz RF transmitter, we are now able to provide a complete single-chip remote control solution with KEELOQ security capabilities.”

Development Support

The AN1393 Using the PIC12LF1840T48A Microcontroller With Integrated Sub-GHz Transmitter application note is available for download today, to assist engineers in developing their remote-control designs.

Pricing & Availability

The PIC12LF1840T48A is available in a 14-pin TSSOP package, for $1.06 each in 10,000-unit quantities. Samples are available today, and volume production is expected in January. For additional information, contact any Microchip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributor, or visit Microchip’s Web site at To purchase products mentioned in this press release, go to microchipDIRECT or contact one of Microchip’s authorized distribution partners.