Low noise tone control circuit using C945

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If you have electronics old equipment, keep many long ago year, unknow build Electronic Project good. I begs for to advise pre tone control circuit this. By it can fine to decorate the sound Bass,Treble and Volume well.There is the prominent point that use transistor, But be of good quality of good sound doesn’t be defeated the circuit that uses the integrated circuit. By the thing that me observes clear, be the noise is low, bland sound are good. from your circuit can use transistor number C945 or C828 or C1815 can replace. Which the price is inexpensive the hardware is other may get not difficult. The power supply , should choose that be model dc regulator 12V to 24V building may use PCB a bird purposes all right which , good easy.

Low noise tone control circuit using C945

Tone Control Mono by 5 Transister (C945)

I am interesting about stereo amplifier high quality. My father tell me it must hear sound well, low noise and so loudly.
Usually audio tone control made with a transistor that low noise , but less power than used IC systems. I think this circuit will be that because it has four transistors in diagram.we can also use to boost up a little audio signal.
In the image circuit is mono form. The transistors has five, number C945 or C1815 or C828 . I hope you can find it at general electronic store or inside an old pcb. You can use the power supply source during voltage 12V to 24V at minimum current at 100mA.
The picture no. 2 is PCB diagram for make this project, it small size so easy to use. You can use StripBoard-3U Uncut Strips 1 Sided PCB because it has a few components.



Mono audio tone control with three transistors C945

This tone control circuit diagram of the home audio stereo is very well. It low noise and sound is beautiful because use the quality transistor.
In picture we used three transistor number are C945 or C828 or C1815 or C458 They are old electronic components but useful now. They are mono form if you want stereo system, to make two section R+L. The VR1 is 100kB for finning treble tone sound. The VR2 is 100K for finning bass tone audio as well. The VR3 is 100Ka for control volume output. The VR4 is 100KW for control balane sound fo other channel. The power Supply Voltage used min 12V and min than 80mA .
We hope this circuit will be do you are enjoy a home audio. good luck.