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Home | House Electrical Circuit Symbols and Design Layout

The following table outlines home/house electrical circuit symbols and wiring codes.

Symbols Description Symbols Description Symbols Description
png Wall outlet png Ceiling outlet png Wall drop cord
png Ceiling drop cord png Wall fan outlet png Ceiling fan outlet
png Wall junction box png Ceiling junction box png Wall lamp holder
png Ceiling lamp holder png Wall lamp holder w/ pull switch png Ceiling lamp holder w/ pull switch
png Wall pull switch png Ceiling pull switch png Wall vapor discharge switch
png Ceiling vapor discharge switch png Wall exit outlet png Ceiling exit outlet
png Single pole switch png Double pole switch png Three pole switch
png Four pole switch png Automatic door switch png Electrolier switch
png Switch and pilot lamp png Key operated witch png Circuit breaker
png Clock outlet png Blanked outlet png Duplex convenience outlet
png Single, triplex outlet png Range outlet png Switch and convenience outlet
png Special purpose outlet png Floor outlet    

Example of home/house electrical design layout.


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