Electronic Timer Circuit

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Transistored electronic timer circuit
electronic timer circuit with transistor 300x153 Electronic Timer Circuit

Electronic timer based timer IC 555
electronic timer circuit 555 300x137 Electronic Timer Circuit

Electronic timer based timer IC 555 and 4020
electronic timer circuit 555 and 4020 300x122 Electronic Timer Circuit

Timer kits are an ever popular item with the hobbyist. Two of the main methods used are a 555 IC and the discharging of an electrolytic capacitor. In this Kit we have presented three representative samples of these types of timers.

There is nothing original in these circuits. Similar circuits have been presented in text books and electronics magazines for literally decades. The 555 had its own cult following back in the 1970′s after it came out.

Whole books of circuit designs were published using it. In the 1990′s it has become a favorite chip for some people to look down on. But despite this it is simple to use and popular because it is so cheap and readily available.

Download the electronic timer circuit application notes for detailed circuit work and parts list:
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