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Diy surge protector circuits

When has a thunderstorm. Electrical is off, or power surges the extreme, but sometimes we need to use the electrical appliances. And in sensitive electrical appliance damaged easily. Power surges a little. Might make it wastes. In particular surge. At you firstly turn on the switch. Should have the power to delay, gradually release it into these appliance. I would like to introduce the concept of a two ac delay circuits. Which both two circuit is designed in easily ideals for all people.

Protection Surge with Delay the relay using ic 4011

This circuit can be used to delay other appliances connected to the output of the relay. After working set To prevent equipment damage from pressure.
The IC number is 4011 Nand Gate CMOS .When switch S1 is current through R1. To charge at C1.This takes time to fully charge, and when a voltage input
Pin 1 and pin 2 of IC1.The output from pin 3 through a logic “0″ Volts to the control relay contacts to control the relay to work editing equipment, external works.That the time delay relay set from T = R1 x C1 x 0.85 is measured in seconds.


Delay to supply voltage for surge protector by scr

Power source that, when connected to an external circuit, and now will turn to a current surge.Power supply is a high voltage surges.External circuit therefore damage.Which can solve this problem with the delay to a power source.When supply switches.Delay circuit to work, the delay occurred during the current surge.Then connected to a power source as usual.
Operation of the circuit be When a power supply to the Supply voltage in.Delay circuit will start by Delay depending on the charge of C1 is growing.
So take some time to be full.When C1 is fully charged will allow the current to flow through ZD1 zener diode 6 volt.This will limit the voltage at the trigger pin to G (gate) of the SCR.The aforesaid conduct of the SCR Supply voltage to output Delayed supply out.


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