Digital Voltmeter Circuit Schematic Diagram

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This circuit displays the voltmeter reading using 7-segment display. The main IC used in this circuit is the ICL7107. It has some advantages such as high performance, high accuracy, high display stability, 3.5 digits Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), has 7-segment decoder, and has 7-segment controller.

How does it work? The input voltage which is an analog voltage is converted to digital, it then again converted to 7-segment format and displayed on the 7-segment. The ADC inside ICL 7107 has dual slope ADC type. Resistor R1 and Capacitor C1 serve as an internal clock. The capacitor C2 neutralizes the internal voltage frequency fluctuation. This voltmeter is able to display 3 digits number and the (+) and (-) signs. This voltmeter can measure up to 200 Volt. The configuration of the measurement limit can be done by adjusting the value of Resistor R4 :

Resistor R4 = 0 ohm : measurement limit 0-2V
Resistor R4 = 1.2k ohm : measurement limit 0-20V
Resistor R4 = 12k ohm : measurement limit 0-200V

Digital Voltmeter Circuit Schematic Diagram

Estimated price : $10

Components list :

D1-D4 : Common anode 7-segment
Capacitor C1 : 100 pF
Capacitor C2 : 100 nF
Capacitor C3 : 220 uF
Capacitor C4 : 47 nF
Capacitor C5 : 100 nF
Resistor R1 : 560 ohm
Resistor R2 : 180k ohm
Resistor R3 : 470k ohm
Resistor R4 : 12k ohm
Resistor R5 : 1M ohm
Resistor R6 : 20k ohm
Resistor R7 : 22k ohm
IC1 : ICL 7107
-5V and +5V power supply

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