Christmas Light Circuit Schematic Diagram

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This simple circuit serves as a blinking lamp to decorate the christmas tree. It uses IC CD4069UB that controls up to 200 LEDs (50 LEDs per canal). The power supply comes from 220V AC. The speed light can be adjusted by controlling the potentiometer VR1 value.

Christmas Light Circuit Diagram

Components List :

Diode D1-D4 : 1N4007
Resistor R1,R3 : 100k ohm
Resistor R2 : 220k ohm
Resistor R4 : 1k ohm
Resistor R5 : 2k2 ohm
Resistor R6-R9 : 10k ohm/5Watt
Resistor variable VR1 : 470k ohm
Resistor variable VR2-VR4 : 10k ohm
Polar capacitor C1-C2 : 47 uF/25V
IC1 : CD4059
Transistor T1-T4 : 2N3440/2N3439
220V AC power supply

Estimated price : $8