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Inverter Diagrams

Operation of 200 watt inverter diagram

Yesterday, I recommend Simple working principle of the inverters. Which you have understood well. Today we see Operation of 200 watt inverter diagram continuously. In the block diagram of Figure 1. Starting from the frequency generator circuit or the oscillators that works with IC2 numbers SG3526 Which is IC pulse width modulation as figure 2 […]


Mini car inverter 60watts using CD4047 and BD249

The 12 volts of Car battery and converted to AC 220V 60 watt. Then apply to appliances easily. And portability easy with Because of the small. In circuit we use CD4047 and BD249 as main part so is mini circuit. The working principle. When we connect the 12 volts in to the circuit. The IC1 […]

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LED driver low power by switching mode

When it is applied to the battery. How to make it light long time? or We can use battery longer than usual. This is an issue that we needs. When it is saving, If applied to the other supply, would make saving for sure. Figure 1 as application circuit by source is a voltage of […]


Inverter 12V to 220V 100W by Transistor

This circuit power Inverter 100W, it easy and good ideas. When use the electric appliances that want 220V AC 50HZ, which have small-sized about 100Watt not exceed. By when you apply outside home, as a result have to have Mini power inverter about 100Watt, perform modify from work electricity forces of battery 12V give tall […]

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High power 6 LED Flashlight for 1.5V AA battery.

This circuit look like a torch by use on 1.5V battery only so it can be used. Since small so Easy to carry in various places. And also very bright as well. The technical information Power supply : one 1.5V AA battery. Maximum current used 200mA Uses 6 white LED. Small size PCB. How it […]

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An oscillator of the 200 watts power inverter

From the article “Operation of 200 watt inverter diagram” and “Simple working principle of the inverters” and “The output circuit of 200 watts home power inverter. ” You can understand reasonably the basis of this project. Friends would like to know that how this circuit works. Because the content very reasonably. I would like to […]

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30W-simple inverter using 6 transistors.

This is small inverter on 30 watts, It converts DC voltage from 12V battery to AC 220V-230V at 50Hz which is electricity same use in your house. It can provide 2-3 Air pump or other. You will like them because so cheap and easy to builds. The Air Pump requirement Before see the Aquarium Air […]

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220 volts power inverter using NE555 and MOSFET

Today I want to show you a 220 volts power inverter circuit. Which it is easy and small size. Because use NE555 and MOSFET as main. This circuit I experiment it work well,When use source is 12V battery will have output of 100 watts. The principle of circuit. I think many people does not like […]


200 watts home power inverter project using SG3526N

      I’m been talking about the the 200 watts home power inverter projects many articles. Include the following article. 1. Simple working principle of the inverters 2. Operation of 200 watt inverter diagram 3. An oscillator of the 200 watts power inverter 4.The output circuit of 200 watts home power inverter. 5. How to build the […]

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12 volts switching power supply using transistor

One of my friends asked. Can we build the switching dc power supply circuit with 2 transistor? The applications IC that Sometimes is difficult. A some number IC is hard to find. and very expensive. When considering Applications for some time. We do not need to use a high current. and have sufficient space to […]


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