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Multitasking Pins

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It’s entirely logical that low-cost miniature microcontrollers have fewer ‘legs’ than their bigger brothers and sisters – some-times too few. The author has given some consideration to how to economise on pins, making them do the work of several. It occurred that one could exploit the high-impedance feature of a… Read more »

Simple Universal PIC Programmer

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This simple programmer will accept any device that’s supported by software (eg, IC-Prog 1.05 by Bonny Gijzen at The circuit is based in part on the ISP header described in the SILICON CHIP “PIC Testbed” project but also features an external programming voltage supply for laptops and for other… Read more »

Hacks and Mods: The Blaspheme Clock

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Clocks are somewhat simple devices. They are usually used to tell time. Their features include alarms, calendars and radios. With the sweary clock, all the normal and standard features of a simple clock are turned to a different thing. This clock is made up VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) tubes. The… Read more »