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The SN754410 Datasheet for an Improved Functional Replacement of SGS L293

One more type of quadruple high-current half-H driver IC is discussed here. It is the SN754410. The main function of the IC is to convert low voltage, low current logic signals to high voltage, high current signals to directly drive a motor as mentioned in the previously article. The SN754410 is designed to provide bidirectional […]

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BiPAC 6404V(G)P Datasheet for Your Cheap Telephone Calls

The process that provides customers with cheap telephone calls is known as Least Cost Routing (LCR). One of the best VoIP call which used the world standard gateway “LCR” feature is BiPAC 6404V(G)P. It is known to be VoIP (802.11g) Broadband Firewall Router with two VoIP FXS ports and PSTN fixed-line support. Below you can […]

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Under The Surface, All Modern Audio Systems are The Same

In today’s marketplace for audio equipment, designers are challenged to satisfy very demanding consumers who expect high quality, multifunction audio products that are cost-competitive and feature-rich. Consumers expect the very best listening experience from any audio format, any source and from both home and mobile audio systems. This places a great deal of pressure on […]

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AV Receivers Datasheet for Home Theater Product Solution

Home Theater Products Datasheet consist of two major component, there are AV Receivers and DVD Receivers. Nowadays, new digital audio formats have a great deal to offer consumers in terms of higher fidelity. But it presented engineering dillemas concerning digital connectivity, content protection, compatibility with new decoding standards and the need for higher data rates […]

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Texas Instrument Datasheet for DVD Receivers

As been mentioned in the previously article of Home Theatre Product solution, another important component instead of AV receivers is DVD Receivers. It has already known that people are moving beyond stand-alone DVD players and embracing integrated entertainment solutions such as DVD receivers used in home theater in a box (HTiB). And Texas Instrument powers […]

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The TPA6011A4 Datasheet for The Next-Generation Audio Power Amps

These stereo audio power amplifiers drive 2 W/channel of continuous RMS power into a 3-Ohm load. TPA6011A4 minimize the number of external components needed, which simplifies the design and frees up board space for other features. Notebook and pocket PCs benefit from the integrated feature set that minimizes external components without sacrificing functionality. It can […]

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The TDA7801 Datasheet, a Quad Bridge Amplifier for Car Audio Applications

Amplifier’s provide high-performance sound reinforcement for your mobile audio equipment. The TDA7801 is a new BCD technology quad bridge amplifier for car audio applications. The on-chip digital diagnostic processor and I2C bus add all the intelligence and configurability that are needed today in automotive systems while enhancing the listening experience and giving into system reliability. […]

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TPA6110A2, Optimized Depop Circuitry for Stereo Headphone Audio Power Amplifiers

The TPA6110A2 is an ideal option for stereo headphone applications in portable equipment, such as MP3 players,  wireless phones, Internet appliances, voice recorders and CD players. It consists of the TI TPA6110A2 150-mW stereo audio power amplifier IC in a very small MSOP package, along with a small number of other parts mounted on a […]

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Zener Breakdown Phenomen in Semiconductor Junction Diode

Zener diode is a type of diode whose reverse-breakdown characteristics are controlled precisely during manufacture. It intended specifically for operation in the reverse-breakdown mode primarily as inexpensive voltage references. We introduct you with article about the zener diode mainly in knowing of ‘Zener breakdown’ phenomena, a phenomen that mostly happen in all semiconductor junction diodes. […]

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Characteristics and Performance of The MORES-Sensor

The MORES (Micro-optical Remissions/Reflection Sensor system) is a device used to measure the intensity response of a surface caused by radiation with a specific wavelength in the range of visible light. Basically, the micro-system solution of the MORES-sensors contain radiation source, optical function layer, photo-receivers, and the signal processing electronics which are arranged geometrically close […]

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