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Circuit Diagrams

Temperature Sensor with Digital Output Circuit Diagram

This circuit is an application of LM35 temperature sensor with analog output. The analog output is converted to digital voltage with IC AD0804, which is then displayed on 8 LED indicators. The ouput of ADC0804 is 8 bit digital with 8 LED indicators, which means the output is within 0-255 range. This circuit can also […]

Multiplication Operation using Single Chip Circuit

This circuit is used to do multiplication operation. It uses one single chip only, the AD532. An optional 20k ohm resistor is used. Z terminal is tied to the output to close the feedback loop around the op amp. Here is the circuit : Multiplication Operation using Single Chip Circuit

HA2541 Op-Amp for Creating Wien-Bridge Oscillator Circuit

HA2541 can be used to create a Wien-Bridge Oscillator. A good quality sine wave of 40 MHz with an upper limit of 50 MHz will be produced by this circuit. The limiting diode is provided by R3 to R7 and D1-D2. Here is the schematic diagram : Wien-Bridge Oscillator Using HA2541 Op-Amp Circuit Diagram Regenerative […]

Rechargeable Battery Reconditioner Circuit : Ni-Cad Battery Zapper

Nickel Cadmium battery sometimes cannot be recharged and gives no power. If this kind of problem occured, it have to be reconditioned. We can do this by using a zapper circuit. This schematic restore the Ni-Cad battery from shorting by forcing a high current flow to burn the internal dirt. A 120 ohm 10W resistor […]

Circuit Diagram of Basic Flash Memory Programming Voltage Supply

The following schematic diagram of basic flash memory programming voltage supply is taken from the Linear Technology Application Note. LT1072 IC is used in this circuit. This integrated circuit is a switching regulator to generate high voltage by driving the L1. R2 and R1 provide DC feedback. The SC roll-off is controlled by the R3-C2. […]

Circuit Diagram of Split-Phase Data Synchronization and Decoding

A split-phase data signal comprises of a series of binary digits that happen at a periodical order, as indicated in wave shape A in the timing graph. The weight of each bit, 0 or 1, is random, but the length of each bit and, hence, the periodic bit pace, basically is invariant. Here is the […]

Circuit Diagram of Broadband Random Noise Generator

Random noise origin is often involved in examining many case of electronic systems such as filter, sound, or RF communication. The electrical circuit introduced here gives an RMS amplitude modulated noise source with selectable bandwidth.  With 1 KHz to 5 MHz decade ranges selectable   bandwidth and 300mV RMS output, this noise generator is appropriate for […]

The Circuit Diagram of Fast Peak Detector

Fast peak detector requires a special amplifier features. The output stage must have high slew rate to follow the stages of the transition from the amplifier. This led to the overload or DC accuracy fault. Amplifier should send a current to the load of large capacitive detector to maintain the slew rate of output. Another […]

Free Phase Control Circuit Diagram

A phase control schematic can be applied to operate the power delivered to an alternating current load. The phase control circuit operate the AC wave form, abbreviating the cycle to give full cycle, half cycle, zero cycle, or somewhere in between. This circuit is like a dimmer circuit, but the switching is contemporized with the […]

Pulse Widht Regulator Dimming for LED RGB Video Displays Circuit

The following simple application can be used to align LED brightness while keeping superior color quality. This application uses pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming formula. This application can be used for single-line scrolling displays, transportation road signs, simple scoreboards, ever-expanding advertising markets covering convenience gas stations, shops, stadiums, and stores. Following pictures shows color shift […]

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