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Nokia 3230 DKU-2 Cable Schematic Diagram and Port Description

The following figure is the schematic of the DKU-2 cable for Nokia 3230. The Pop-Port Description of the N3230 is provided as follow: 1. Charge (V charge) 2. GND (Charge GND) 3. ACI (ACI – insertion and removal detection) 4. Vout (DC out) 5. USB (Vcc +5V) 6. Fbus RX/ USB D+ 7. Fbus RX/ […]

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Step Down Converter Circuit Diagram using MC34063A and the Datasheet

Herein you will find informations about MC34063A DC to DC converter which is known as a monolithic control circuit. This IC is particularly designed to be incorporated in step down, step up and voltage inverting applications. And the figure below shows you a step down converter circuit diagram of this device. The MC3406A operates from […]

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Design Boost-Buck Converter using HV9930

If you consider in designing a LED lamp driver using a low noise boost buck topology to control the application, you may use the HV9930 from Supertex. It can be applied to RGB backlight applications, battery powered LED lamps, and other low voltage AC/DC or DC/DC LED drivers. And below is the circuit diagram of […]

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Design LED Lighting 350W Power Supply using CM6900+CM6807

If you want to design a complete, efficient, standby power, and constant voltage LED lighting power supply you may read the following article. Champion Microelectronic combines CM6900 resonant controller and CM6805/07 PFC series to give you that purpose. And below is the figure of LED lighting 350W Power Supply Block Diagram (click to enlarge). In […]

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LM741 Single Op Amp Internal Block Diagram and Datasheet

Below is the internal block diagram of LM741 single operational amplifier (Op Amp), also we provide you with the datasheet of LM741 from the Fairchild Semiconductors. LM741 operational amplifier is especially designed for a wide range of analog applications since it provides superior performance in integrator, summing amplifier, and general feedback applications. And here is […]

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Construct Square Wave Oscillator using CMOS Logic Element

The following information within contain application note which describe you with several square wave oscillators that can be built using CMOS logic elements. You will be described with the advantages of the oscillation circuits and the description of RC oscillators and two crystal controlled oscillators. There are detailed sections discuss such logical oscillators, stable RC […]

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3-Wire Negative Trigger Schematic of Car’s Door Locking Systems

The following schematic diagram is the simplest of all door locking system for cars, it is a 3-wire negative trigger when you look at the door lock/unlock switch in the driver’s door. It would be 3 wires coming out of the Car Driver’s Door Locking Systems, there are a lock wire, an unlock wire and […]

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Positive to Negative Converter Circuitry Using the LT3845 Step Down Converter

If you need to design a negative voltage source supplied from a positive voltage rail, you may read the following information provide which discussed the simplicity combination of a step down converter and the regulation range of a buck-boost topology. And an LT3845 high voltage synchronous step-down converters, may be a good consideration to implement […]

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Simulating Circuit Model to Develop and Design New Step Down Piezo Transformer

The important thing needed in the piezo transformer is the energy conversion and the step down voltage waveform to achieve an optimal resonant frequency. Herein we provide an article consist of information about simulating circuit model to develop and design a new step down piezo transformer. This article will describe you with the prototype of […]

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Flexible Circuit for Over Current and Over Temperature Protection

This is a simple and flexible circuit to prevent damage as an easy method for resetting and monitoring system against temperature issues. It limits current or removes power from user’s command or other fault-indicating signal, hence it has an over current and over temperature function. The circuit accommodates manual reset (MR), over temperature, and interlock-switch […]

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