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Data Logging Weather Station Circuit Schematic Diagram

If you need to record weather data at a remote location, there are very nice professional logging weather stations out there that do the lot, with solar panels for power and the ability to record rainfall, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction and sunlight hours. The Data Logging Weather Station circuit diagram is […]

TI Application Note: Second Level Bootloader for FLASH Bootloading on TMS 320C6000

The abstract of the Texas Instrument application note : In many DSP applications there is a need to copy code and/or data from one location to another at boot. C6000 DSPs offer three types of boot configurations: no boot process, ROM boot process, and host boot process. The most commonly selected boot configuration is the […]

1996 Land Rover Defender Immobilisation and Alarm System Circuit Diagram

The following is the circuit diagram of Land rover Defender 1996 Alarm System Circuit : 1996 land rover defender alarm system circuit diagram (click to enlarge) 1. Anti-theft alarm indicator light (LED) 2. Engine immobilisation warning light 3. Alarm system fuse – 15 amp 4. Alarm sounder relay 5. Under bonnet lighting fuse 6. Alarm […]

Small AM Transmitter Circuit Schematic Diagram using Logic Gates

This small am transmitter circuit worth trying if you had failed to build radio transmitter. It uses Schmidt trigger 74HC14hex as the oscillator, and for better stability, you can use capacitor for low cost goal of quartz crystal. Quartz crystal value around 1.6MHz is recommended since it need shorter antenna for better radiation. Small AM […]

12V-40W Fluorescent Lamp Circuit Schematic Diagram

The following circuit schematic diagram is a 12V-40W fluorescent lamp for those who want to build a larger fluorescent lamp other than the 12V DC one. The inverter of this lamp allows you to run 40W fluorescent tubes from any 12V source capable of delivering 3 Amperes and also can be used to light blacklight […]

Car Wireless Burglar Alarm Circuit Schematic Diagram

If you want to protect your car from burglar, the following car wireless burglar alarm would be suitable for your needs. It can be used for any car who has 6V or 12V DC supply system. The mini Very High Frequency FM Transmitter is placed in the vehicle. Car Wireless Alarm Circuit Schematic Diagram (click […]

12 Volts Car Battery Charger Circuit Schematic Diagram

Normally, car battery charger is a simple electronic circuit which fill up the battery every time the circuit is turned ON. If the battery is already full and the circuit not turned OFF, overcharge will be happened. Overcharge can cause the electrolyte liquid evaporates and will broke the car components. 12V Car Battery Charger Circuit […]

Simple Car Battery Charger Circuit Schematic Diagram

This circuit is a simple car battery charger. It consists of a transformer, a capacitor, an ammeter, and two diodes. To charge the battery, connect the (+) and (-) pole to the proper place in the battery. When the battery is not yet full, the ammeter reading is around 1-3 Amperes. If the ammeter is […]

Infrared Headphones Circuit Schematic Diagram

This project can be developed for those who need to establish connection between television and headphones without using wire, but using infrared light. The infrared light is used to transmit audio signals from the television to your headphones. This circuit could cover up to 6 meters. If lenses and reflectors with IR sensors is used, […]

Two Mode Dark Activated Switch Circuit Schematic Diagram

The following circuit diagram is a two mode automatic dark activated circuit. The circuit is a combination between the automatic dark activated and manual switch. It is capable to control the loads up to 10A of 12V lights. The following figure shows the efficient, simple, reliable, and replaceable components : 12V 10A dark activated switch […]

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