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Circuit Diagrams

AM/FM Antenna Booster Circuit Diagram

This antenna booster circuit can be used to amplify the weak signal received by the antenna.  Antenna for AM/FM is usually not tuned for the optimal dimension of 1/4 wavelength, since we prefer small portable size. This untuned antenna has very low gain, so the antenna booster circuit here is very helpful in getting better […]

PLL FM Demodulator Circuit Diagram Schematic

A PLL system can be used to implement an FM demodulator. When a PLL is locked on an FM signal, the VCO tracks the instantaneous frequency of that signal. Since the VCO output tracks the FM signal, and the VCO input voltage is proportional to the VCO output frequency, then the VCO input will be […]

Digital IC Circuit Schematic Diagram (Transmit AM and FM simultaniously)

The transmitters that either working in FM or in AM is familiar. This is transmitters circuit that can transmit both FM and AM signal simultaneously at two different frequencies FM in 100Mhz and Am in 20 MHz. Here is the circuit: To transmit the FM signal, this circuit uses the 5th harmonics of the fundamental […]

Field Strength Meter Circuit Schematic Diagram

This instrument is very useful for radio frequency (rf) engineer and hobbyist, especially when he/she has to adjust the final rf transmission. Setting up an antenna impedance matcher is one of the example. Here is the schematic diagram of this rf meter circuit: The circuit use only one transistor (MPSA18) as the active component. The […]

PLL Oscillator for Medium Wave Application Circuit Schematic Diagram

PLL oscillator is used to get very stable frequency woth very low distortion of sine wave output. The stability is equal to crystal-based oscillator, and the low distortion level of the sine wave output is equal to LC based oscillator. The method of PLL control in PLL oscillator is done by adjusting the frequency of […]

Video Line Driver Circuit Diagram

LT1206 is suitable for driving multiple video cables since it has 60MHz bandwidth, 250mA output current capability, and low output impedance. Please keep in mind about unterminated line effect when driving multiple cables. A reflected wave would propagate back to the driver an cause a crosstalk to other lines since the driver output is non […]

Volvo S60 2001 Electrical Wiring Diagram

Ford Escape Hybrid 2005 High Voltage Interlock Circuit Schematic Diagram

Ford Escape Hybrid 2005 is an electric car with the back up support of gasoline engine. The Ford Escape powered by the engine Ford Duratec engine 4-cylinder gasoline equivalent with a 70KW permanent magnet traction motor. This car uses the system of interlock type, which means each cable/wire that carries high voltage has an interlock […]

1996 Hyundai Elantra Electrical Wiring Diagram

1996 Hyundai Elantra is a car manufactured by the Korean automaker Hyundai. The following pdf document shows a range of Hyundai Elantra 1996 Electrical Wiring Diagram, Harness, and Schematics. The electrical wiring diagram available inside the free pdf downloadable document are the general information, lubrication and maintenance, wiper and washer circuit, engine mechanical, cooling system, […]

Sharp TV Schematic Diagram for SV Models

Sharp TV is a television manufactured by the Japanese electronic company, Sharp. In the following pdf document, the schematic diagram of the SV models (SV2189H, SV2888,and SV2889) is documented. The detail parts list including the part number, reference number, code and description, integrated circuits, diode, transistor, picture tube, transformer, ceramic filter, coils, parked circuit, resistor, […]

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