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Drinking Water Alarm

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The State Jal Boards supply water for limited duration in a day. Time of water supply is decided by the management and the public does not know the same. In such a situation, this water alarm circuit will save the people from long wait as it will inform them as… Read more »

Simple Alarm System

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The circuit presented here is a very simple and yet highly effective alarm system for protecting an object. The circuit requires no special devices and can be built using components that you will no doubt be able to find in the junk box. The alarm-triggering element is a simple reed… Read more »

Gated Alarm

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Sometimes the need arises for a simple, gated, pulsed alarm. The circuit shown here employs just four components and a piezo sounder and is unlikely to be out-done for simplicity. While it does not offer the most powerful output, it is likely to be adequate for many applications. A dual… Read more »

US-Style Siren

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The circuit described here can create three different ‘US-style’ siren sounds: police, ambulance and fire engine. The desired sound can be selected using switch S1. The circuit can be used in toys (such as model vehicles), as part of an alarm system, and in many other applications. For use in… Read more »