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Amplifier Diagrams

Wide stereo system circuit by TL082

Added dimension to get sound of music wider stereo system. Suitable for, you are tired of the original sound. I’m not making you uncomfortable with electronic projects difficult, and expensive. This circuit enhances the Joy of musical level. The principle is easy to understand, and with a simple, inexpensive equipment. The love of the instrument, […]

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Video amplifier splitter by transistor BD137-BC547-BC557

This is the video amplifier circuit or the video splitter circuit, it is designed to take video signal is stronger. Compensate for the loss of signal, and is video splitter video, which can connect up to three outputs. so is suitable for display on several television screens, or video tapes recording at the same time […]

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Very simple preamplifiers using 2N3904

Hi, Friends. Today I get email from Kunal Banerjee, send a preamplifier projects to published for all to see. It is very simple preamplifier circuit using one 2N3904 transistor only. Though very small, but it still have many useful. He say it low noise than normal IC circuits. and extremely low distortion. Frequency response: 20 […]

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Universal mono preamplifier using ic lm741

This circuit is a mono pre amp circuit, which can be used with a variety of inputs.Can be applied for extending the phone and the other with When AF IN input signal to pin 3 of IC1, and The voltage input to pin 2 of IC1.The IC number LM741 used to amplifier circuit,Output at Pin […]

Trembling sound buzzer circuit

A trembling sound buzzer circuit is create a kind of ring circuit that provide a strange sweetness of general bell. It use all transistor so easy to builds and cheap, suitable for bedroom or a private room good or may be adapted into a bell. Listening to children play leisure. In addition melodic sound then. […]

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Transistor stereo bass booster

This is a bass booster that use transistors as base. It is designed to increase a low frequency of audio on cheaper than ICs or normally circuit. since use each channel only 2 transistors together with resistor and capacitors approximately ten parts only. In circuit will be have a potentiometer trimmer 10-50K act as adjusted […]


Tiny 30 watts OTL amplifier using LM1875

If you need to have a high power amplifier in small size. I suggest this project , It have powered drive output up 30 watts, by low noise and Low distortion. And easy to bulid because use a few devices. But is good sound energy worth the cheaper. The circuit principle. The LM1875T is Amplifier […]


Three music box circuit ideals

Near the Festival of Happiness.Christmas and New Year’s Day. My son was thrilled with the gift of friends in the village.Music Box is a scientific inventions that he wanted made because he thought it would impress the recipient. And it is easy made electronic projects. Cheap as well. I suggest three circuits, which featured various […]

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Three circuits of preamp tone controls by NE5532

Today, I recommend a good quality preamp tone controls, a total of three circuits. We choose to use the NE5532 is main so interesting IC, because the ultra-low noise properties, it is commonly used in many fine audio. But these circuits are old. I have a circuits of friends. They has been small circuit with […]

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The tweeter speaker protection circuit

This is The small tweeter speaker protection circuit It can be packed into any speaker cabinet, and does not require a power supply as well. Normally high powered audio system. Internal circuitry prevents speaker damage with always packed.It focuses woofer speaker protection. But when we listen to a lot of treble. Or high frequency speakers […]


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