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Brake lights flasher circuits

This circuit will allow the brake light was flashing.The default behavior. When the power supply to the circuit, Or tap the brake it.The IC timer IC2 drive current to transistor Q2 and producing oscillator output, pulse signal output at pin 3 to input pin 1 of IC1-CD4024. Count pulse and stops counting after 8 pulses, with pin 2 of IC1 is reset.
The transistor Q1 will trigger the IC2, and pin 3 of IC2 change status as well.The voltage drop across R3, the voltage at Pin 7 of IC2-7555.
The Q2 has been a driving bias current, the LED brake lights.

Flashing brake lights

Now, tap and hold the brake, the brake lights will flash the set, about 6 times per second.Which is determined by R3 and C3. The distance between each set, is defined by the C2 and R1. The Voltage input to the circuit,used 12 volt DC power from a car at all.The section capacitor C1 as a filter to smooth the flow. Transistor Q2 may be any number SM3180.

Beautiful car brake lights by BC327

This circuit will like to set up in a room takes of an automobile mostly, for the beauty or Beautiful car brake lights circuit. It make a car that follow to come to obviously seen is skilled at increasingly installation format can fix by oneself as you like it.
The work of the circuit be when step on brake make have power supply 12V come in cause LED6-LED9 work. Besides the trend will flow to change R2 go to bias pin B of Q1 BC327 and Q2 BC327 make LED1-LED5 and , LED11-LED14 the bright. By have R1 and R3 help limit current that flow through LED enough liberate brake power supply 12V disappear make LED every switch off.

Beautiful car brake lights by BC327

Bicycle tail light flashing

Present roads in good condition than the former Pan. The traffic is convenient. But often ran high speeds. When we use the bicycle at night. Although the reflector attached to the end and car. But it could be dangerous. We should fire the end of the cycle would be better.

Operation of the circuit we used IC1 IC555 Oscillator signal is output at pin 3 of IC1, which frequency can be determined by R1, R2, C1 and output voltage to a current flowing into pin B of Q2. Q2 makes LED1-LED10 will light work. However, if the output signal voltage is 0 volts, Q1 will work,The Q2 stopped LED11-LED20 are bright.When a high voltage again.

Bicycle tail light flashing

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