1.5 – 35 Volt DC Regulated Power Supply

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The easy way to power your projects

Here is the circuit diagram of regulated power supply. It is a small
power supply that provides a regulated voltage, adjustable between 1.5
and 35 volts at 1 ampere. This circuit is ready to use, you just need to
add a suitable transformer. This circuit is thermal overload protected
because the current limiter and thermal overload protection are included
in the IC.

Picture of the circuit:

1A Regulated Power Supply Circuit Schematic

1A Regulated Power Supply Circuit Schematic

Circuit diagram:

1A Regulated Power Supply Circuit

1A Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Transformer Selection Chart

Transformer selection Guide Table For Power Supply

Transformer selection Guide-Table For Power Supply


IC = LM317
P1 = 4.7K
R1 = 120R
C1 = 100nF – 63V
C2 = 1uF – 35V
C3 = 10uF – 35V
C4 = 2200uF – 35V
D1-D4 = 1N4007

Just add a suitable transformer (see table)
Great to power your projects and save money on batteries
Suitable as an adjustable power supply for experiments
Control DC motors, low voltage light bulbs, …

Specifications :
Preset any voltage between 1.5 and 35V
Very low ripple (80dB rejection)
Short-circuit, thermal and overload protection
Max input voltage : 28VAC or 40VDC
Max dissipation : 15W (with heatsink)
Dimensions : 52×52mm (2.1” x 2.1”)

Technical Specifications
**Input Voltage = 40Vdc max Transformer
Output Voltage = 1.5V to 35Vdc
Output Current = 1.5 Amps max.
Power Dissipation = 15W max (cooled)

It has not to be cooled if used for small powers. 28 Volt AC max is allowed for the input voltage.